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Synth1 Librarian is a free VST plugin designed to accompany Ichiro Toda’s Synth1 Analog Synth VST instrument.  It allows you to quickly find patches within your patch library – useful when you have over 17,000 patches!  Here’s a video explaining what it is, and how it works:

(NB: The software is no longer in beta!)


  • Organises your patches into over 50 Categories
  • Uses heuristics to find similar sounding patches
  • Lets you reorganise your Patches, however you want
  • Random patch selection, to help find undiscovered sounds
  • Intelligently scans your entire zipbank folder for patches
  • Automatically excludes duplicate libraries
  • Create your own Categories and Banks
  • Save custom patches from Synth1 directly into your own banks
  • Apply colouring to any patch
  • Patch parameters can be adjusted/automated from the host DAW

Download it now

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