Creating your own Categories

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The default categories provided in Synth1 Librarian probably isn’t enough for many people. With the latest release, you now have the ability to create (and remove) your own custom Categories, with your own names:

Say you wanted to create a Category called Laser, you would:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the Categories grid
  2. Click Add new Category
  3. Enter Laser as the new name
  4. Now switch to the Search tab
  5. Find patches with laser in the name
  6. Listen to each patch: if it sounds like what you want, drag it to your new Laser category

That’s it!  I hope it makes patch organising a little bit better 🙂

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  1. Ferenc - August 21, 2019 Reply

    i just found your library and its a huge help. I see also that it just gets better by the updates and refinements. The ability to make new categories is nice and i wonder if the multiple selection is available in case i want to put every file that called flute into my newly made folder called also flute in one go. And is there any way to see all the files which are NOT belonging to any categories?

    • - August 25, 2019 Reply

      I’m hoping to add the ability to define custom sorting rules in the future.

      But for now, I think the only option is this:
      1) Create a Flute category
      2) Using the Search tab, find the patches named Flute (or whatever text that works)
      3) For each matching Patch, right-click + drag it to the Flute category (this will move the Patch to that category)
      4) After adding the Patches, click Re-run in the Library tab, and Synth1 Librarian will update the similar sounding patches for the new category
      5) Repeat from step 3, until you get bored 😉

      Finally, I’m happy that you find Synth1 Librarian useful 🙂

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