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  1. Jan - May 7, 2018 Reply

    Hi mr. Neutrino Sky

    First, great compliments of the wonderful VST plugin Synth Librarian.
    It’s great to explore the sounds in such a fantastic way.

    I have a little issue.

    I have a Linux based Lionstracs Keyboard in which i can import several VST instruments.
    The Synth1 is a great addition to a lot of patches.

    Because of the lots and lots of patches, i want also to put it in my keyboard.

    I have almost the solution.

    1. Unpack all the zip files in a folder (almost 200 folders with patches)
    2. download and use “Bulk Rename Utility” ( )
    3. Rename all the extensions from “sy1” to “csv” (it’s only text so it’s possible)
    Go to the root of all the patches (f.i. zipfiles)
    check: Subfolders, Extension “Fixed” to csv uncheck: folders
    Select all the files and click on rename
    4. Now all the sy1 patches have the extension csv
    5. I made a macro in Excel which get all 128 patches of one folder and put it horizontal in a worksheet.
    6. The macro deletes all rows except the first two.
    7. The macro makes from the rows columns. (Paste transpose, typical word for a non musical program 😉 )
    8. Save it as a csv file and rename it back as a txt file.

    It’s a lot of work but it went a lot faster than to type everything though ?
    I succeeded to import a lot of these patches in my Lionstracs keyboard but often with strange names.

    Now my issue.

    I thought that the first row was all the names of the patches.
    When i look at it in my keyboard, it is not always the case.

    My question
    Do you have for me a sort of an Excel list where i can find all the patchnames, such as in your youtube explanation ?
    I can send you the VBA-source code. Maybe you can use it for inspiration.

    I hope you can help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • - May 10, 2018 Reply

      I hadn’t heard of the Lionstracs Mediastation before. It looks interesting.
      I can’t help you with your VBA code, but here’s the spreadsheet that I used in the video. I can’t promise that it contains every known patch, but it’s a pretty big list.
      Good luck with your experiment 🙂

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