SOLVED – The riddle of the “Synth1/Zip” temp folder

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A couple of users reported a weird anomaly: Synth1 Librarian seemed to be extracting zipbank archives to the folder %TMP%\Synth1\zip (e.g. “C:\Users\[myusername]\AppData\Local\Temp\synth1\zip“).  I was really confused, because Synth1 Librarian does not create or use that folder – ever! So what was going on?

The answer: Synth1 itself creates that folder, for managing it’s own patch library!

You can confirm this for yourself:

  1. Delete the %TMP%\Synth1\zip folder completely
  2. Start your DAW/host, and load the Synth1 VST (do not load via Synth1 Librarian)
  3. Within Synth1, explore the External (.zip) banks, and check that patches are visible:
  4. Using Windows Explorer, open the %TMP%\Synth1\zip folder again
  5. Note the folder’s timestamp – it will match the time that Synth1 started up

So there you have it.  If you delete that folder, Synth1 will regenerate it the next time it starts.  I’m now wondering if Synth1 Librarian should re-use that folder – it would completely eliminate the unarchiving step during the build process… hmmm…

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