Release 2018.422 now available!

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Phew!  The last couple of months have been busy with work and home life, but I’m happy to announce the latest release of Synth1 Librarian 😀

This release has a stack of new features, improvements, and fixes:

 - New: Added ability to create Used Defined Banks, drag Patches to them, and export them as Synth1 compatible zip files
 - New: FINALLY! Added ability to 'write' custom Patchs from Synth1 VST into User Defined Banks
 - New: Patches now show colours if present
 - New: Added ability to paint Patch cells
 - New: Added ability to export/import entire Library + User Settings
 - New: Added logging capability to logFile.txt
 - New: Added beep when error occurs

 - Improvement: Optimised plugin startup, for when DAW loads multiple Instances when song loads (UI is rendered only when it becomes visible for the first time)
 - Improvement: Optimised logic to find similar sounding Patches
 - Improvement: Library tab text now shows if new messages are logged (ORANGE for messages, RED for errors)
 - Improvement: Library Unarchiver retries file extraction if file is locked (e.g. by virus scanner)

 - Fix: Prevent rogue tooltips remaining on-screen
 - Fix: Fixed drag/drop start point
 - Fix: Category hover highlight disappears when Patch is dragged off Category grid
 - Fix: Prevent Category and Bank cells being dragged/dropped
 - Fix: Fixed Category selection, so that multiple cells can be selected using mouse drag
 - Fix: Ensure Match categories are cleared before re-running heuristic matching
 - Fix: Remove "Uncategorised" from Patch tooltip
 - Fix: Adjusting "Precision" now searches against the Patch originally double-clicked, not the latest selected one
 - Fix: Fixed LibraryUnarchiver to handle zips with Absolute paths
 - Fix: Drag/Drop from Search view no longer resets the Patches grid contents
 - Fix: Fixed Previous/Next buttons for "Search" results
 - Fix: Fix to copy default_synth1.ini if it's missing
 - Fix: Patch importer ignores filenames that are not patch numbers
 - Fix: Corrections to UI grid update/refresh logic

I hope to create a few videos explaining the features, but in the meantime you can see the Quick Help tab for instructions. Head over to the downloads page to grab it!

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