Synth1 Librarian 2018.909 now available

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I just fixed this really annoying scenario:

  1. Enter a melody into my DAW
  2. Use the RANDOM button in Synth1 Librarian to pick a patch
  3. Hit SPACE on the keyboard to start playback in my DAW
  4. Discover that Synth1 Librarian also responded to the SPACE key, and decided to select another random patch. Grrr!

This version allows the DAW to respond to the SPACE key, but Synth1 Librarian ignores it.
Mouse clicks still work though 🙂


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  1. DarseZ - September 17, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for your work on this! One question regarding midi control of Synth1 parameters. Is there a way to pass control through to Synth1 if I wanted realtime control of various parameters via MIDI?

    Thanks d

    • - September 17, 2018 Reply

      Synth1 allows you to map MIDI messages to parameters: within Synth1, click Options then select the MIDI tab. There you can find a list of parameters, and the MIDI CC message they respond to..
      Alternatively, if you hold down the SHIFT key and click OPT, Synth1 goes into MIDI CC Learn Mode. Then you simply click on the parameter you want to control via MIDI, and then move the fader/dial on your MIDI controller.

      To be honest, though, I don’t use MIDI automation. I always use my DAW to automate the VSTs parameter values directly (but that’s just my preference).

      Hope you enjoy using Synth1 Librarian.

  2. DarseZ - October 28, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for your reply…I had made those MIDI associations with Synth1 on it’s own but once I made the same associations within Synth1 Librarian, everything worked perfectly.

    Nothing like having realtime control over cutoff/resonance/ADSR/etc.

    Thank you for Synth1 Librarian, an essential way to navigate the thousands of patches out there!

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