Synth1 Librarian 2020.901 now available (bug fix release)

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IMPORTANT: Version 2020.831 has been removed, as it was crashing on some DAWs. Version 2020.901 supersedes it.

Thanks to the final Bank Holiday of the year, I’ve taken the opportunity to make a few more fixes and improvements to Synth1 Librarian. I’ve had various suggestions from users, and this version contains the ‘quick wins’. If you asked for a feature that doesn’t appear, it’s likely because the coding effort outweights the benefits.

New users: I’ve added a video to the downloads page, to walk you through the installation and configuration steps.

Existing users: I recommend uninstalling the previous version before upgrading, to clear out old & unnecessary files. Your custom library and settings will remain unaffected.

Fixes in this version are:

- Improvement: Synth1 window now has close button
- Improvement: All Patches can be navigated using cursor keys
- Improvement: Internal timeouts for long-running operations are now calibrated to local PC
- Improvement: Satellite assemblies consolidated into main .NET DLL
- Improvement: No longer checks for updated versions of the software
- Improvement: Default path settings are now consistent
- Fix: Next/Prev buttons now work when Favourites filter is on
- Fix: Corrected index calculations when using Next/Prev buttons
- Fix: Allow Matches to be dragged to another Category
- Fix: More corrections to work on single-core machines
- Fix: Removed redundant close button from UI

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  1. Svante - September 5, 2020 Reply

    Hi. I’m on a 64 bit machine and Windows 10. My DAW is Magix Melody Maker, which is a 32 DAW. Synth1 (32 bit) works and shows up, but Synth1 librarian (32 bit version) does not (both are located in the same folder). Have you heard about this issue before?

    • - September 6, 2020 Reply

      Hi, this is the first time I’ve heard of this DAW! I’ll try to download a demo version, and test Synth1 Librarian against it.
      I’ll reply back here when I have an answer fo you.

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