Synth1 Librarian 2019.813 now available (bug fix release)

<i>(reading time: < 1 minute)</i> A user over on KVR (thanks maxim.srpl) spotted a problem when starting up Synth1 Librarian, where there was a long delay because the server couldn’t be contacted to do a version check. The latest version fixes that issue. If you’re enjoying using Synth1 Librarian, please make a donation (it all goes to charity).

Synth1 Librarian 2019.422 now available (bug fix release)

<i>(reading time: < 1 minute)</i> A couple of Synth1 Librarian features would only work if you run your DAW (or host) in Administrator mode. With this release, Administrator mode isn’t necessary.  The affected features are: Importing ZipBank folders that exist under the C:\Program Files[…]\ folder Adding new Patches to a User defined Bank Enjoy 🙂

Reporting an error or bug

<i>(reading time: < 1 minute)</i> Fixing bugs is a tricky business, and the very first thing I need to do is reproduce it on my PC.  But as you all have different configurations (e.g OS, DAW, admin rights, install folders), I can’t always replicate your scenario. So if you need to report an issue, please include the following info: Operating […]

I’m donating everything to charity

<i>(reading time: < 1 minute)</i> Late last year, a young cousin of mine passed away unexpectedly.  She was the kind of person that saw the positive in everyone, and loved  young children.  Last weekend, I helped her family scattered her ashes in the sea at Skegness, which was her favourite summer holiday destination in the UK. Her closest cousins, siblings, […]

Synth1 Librarian 2018.518 now available (bug fix release)

<i>(reading time: < 1 minute)</i> Some users reported that Synth1 Librarian failed to start with their host.  This release fixes those issues (hopefully!). I’ve tested in VstHost, SaviHost, Renoise, Reaper, and Cantabile.  If you have problems with any other DAW/host, leave me a comment with the details. Thanks to Brad (author of Cantabile) for bringing this to my attention.   […]