SOLVED – The riddle of the “Synth1/Zip” temp folder

(reading time: 1 minute)A couple of users reported a weird anomaly: Synth1 Librarian seemed to be extracting zipbank archives to the folder %TMP%\Synth1\zip (e.g. “C:\Users\[myusername]\AppData\Local\Temp\synth1\zip“).  I was really confused, because Synth1 Librarian does not create or use that folder – ever! So what was going on? The answer: Synth1 itself creates that folder, for managing it’s own patch library! You can […]

Lots and lots and lots of Synth1 Patches

(reading time: 1 minute)If you’re looking for patches for Synth1, here are a few links to get you started: After you’ve dropped these into a folder on your machine, you can let Synth1 Librarian create an organised library for you (don’t worry about duplicate banks – Synth1 Librarian will sort those out). Don’t know what […]

Creating your own Categories

(reading time: 1 minute)The default categories provided in Synth1 Librarian probably isn’t enough for many people. With the latest release, you now have the ability to create (and remove) your own custom Categories, with your own names: Say you wanted to create a Category called Laser, you would: Right-click anywhere in the Categories grid Click Add new Category Enter […]