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How do I start Synth1 Librarian?

Synth1 Librarian is a VST plugin instrument.  Use your DAW to scan for the plugin, then add it as an instrument on a track.  You’ll need to configure and build your library before you can use it!

Synth1 Librarian crashes every time I try to start it. Any ideas?

Chances are that the necessary prerequisites aren’t installed on your machine.  You can fix this in two ways:

  1. Use the EXE installer, as it automatically installs the prerequisites for you
  2. Download the prerequisites separately, and install them yourself (you can find them on the download page)
I followed all the steps to install Synth1 Librarian, but it still crashes. What now?

It’s likely that Ichiro Toda’s Synth1 VST hasn’t been run on your machine.  You can either:

  • Run the initsettings.exe that comes with Synth1, which will create an empty settings file.
    WARNING: If you have existing settings already, this operation will clear them out!
  • Open Synth1 from within your DAW.  When Synth1 starts for the first up, it will create a settings file.
Where are the patches?

Synth1 Librarian doesn’t come with any patches – it works with the patches you already have installed with Synth1 (and you need to have Synth1 already installed too).  If you’re looking for patches, here’s a starting point.

Is there a Linux version of this plugin?

I don’t have any immediate plans on creating a Linux version.  Until I find a reasonably simple way to port the code to Linux, it will be Windows only. Sorry!

What about running the VST on Linux using Wine?

Someone tested this scenario out, and informed me that it doesn’t work. Sorry!

I’m on a Mac – I want this so bad!  Any word on a fix?

I have to confess, I don’t have the necessary skills to create a Mac version either, so it’s unlikely. Sorry!

Is the code open-source?  Can I contribute?

The source code is closed source for now.  I may make it open-source in the future.

Will Synth1 Librarian always be free?

Yes, Synth1 Librarian plugin will always be free.  But I’ll happily accept Paypal donations, and I’m hugely grateful to everyone that has helped me release this plugin to the world 🙂