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  1. Thom van der Ven - January 2, 2019 Reply

    Hi, i messaged you on reddit, and i tried to do everything you said, but it still doesn’t work. i tried re-installing and deleting the %appdata% folder, but now the buttons in the plugin don’t do anything so i can’t build th library, show synth1, and various other things 🙁

  2. James - January 14, 2019 Reply

    I just discovered your Synth1 Librarian and have installed it. Great job! It really makes finding a patch much easier. I have one question, though. Is there a way to disable the popup labels (or tooltips, not sure what they’re called) when you hover over a patch name? It’s a nice feature, but it makes it impossible to see what the other patch names are when I have the mouse in that section of the screen.



    • - January 14, 2019 Reply

      Hey, thanks for the kind words 🙂
      As for the tooltips, they should disappear when you move your mouse away? Does that not work for you?

  3. Alex - January 20, 2019 Reply

    Hi, I just discovered the librarian and loving the simplicity of the interface. Would definitely like to see further development!

    Just a bit of feedback on installation, it was not clear upfront on how to get things working, it seemed to be complaining about missing files and directories. I was able to figure things out of course, but I had to set the paths per my actual install and restart a few times without it picking up the synth or libraries.

    The trick for me was to run “initsettings.exe” in Synth1’s install folder, then re-load the Synth1 Librarian, then hit build, then remove and reload Synth1 librarian again and everything seemed to work just fine.

    Anyway great work! I see that the above is in your FAQ but who reads the instructions (sorry) – maybe some guided installation process (and links to download Synth1 and patches if possible) would add a touch of polish.

    • - January 20, 2019 Reply

      Thanks so much for your feedback. You’re right on two counts: the install/setup can be a stumbling block, and people don’t like to read instructions 😉

      When I get time, I’ll put up a video showing the entire process from start to finish.

      • Alex - February 28, 2019 Reply

        Yeah guilty as charged 🙂

        I just wanted to follow up after a month of use – this tool has quickly become a core piece of my workflow, I produce mainly trance and the speed and ease at which I can navigate the presets is amazing for something that is provided for FREE. Librarian has made its way onto every track I’m currently producing. One of the latest:

        I know 10 quid aint much but I hope you’ll accept this donation as a symbol of my appreciation for such a great idea that’s well executed.

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