Reporting an error or bug

Fixing bugs is a tricky business, and the very first thing I need to do is reproduce it on my PC.  But as you all have different configurations (e.g OS, DAW, admin rights, install folders), I can’t always replicate your scenario.

So if you need to report an issue, please include the following info:

  • Operating System + Version (e.g. Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition)
  • DAW (or host) + version (e.g. Renoise 3.1.1 64 -bit)
  • Exact steps to reproduce the error (e.g. Load DAW, create new project from template, load Synth1 Librarian using bridge, etc)
  • The precise error message (e.g. “The plugin failed to load. Error 0x01234567”)
  • The extract from the file logFile.txt (located under %APPDATA%\Synth1 Librarian <32|64>.net\logs)

I can’t promise to look at every request (and some issues may not be fixable) but I’ll try my best to help you 🙂 .

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